What is my public address? How to get mine?

A public address or public key is a cryptographic code that allows users to receive cryptocurrencies into their accounts. The public key coupled with the private key is a significant tool required to ensure the security of the crypto economy.

Everyone who owns cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, ether...) has to have a unique identifier or address - much as you would with your bank account. It is your Wallet's public address, which you need to store (manage) your crypto assets.

You are also given a Quick Response code (or QR code). You can send that to people or scan it with the camera function on their smartphone to easily have your wallet address. It’s just a shortcut rather than having to type out your full address, which is rather long!

You can find your Slope Wallet public address under the account name. In Slope Wallet, you can copy the public address by clicking the public address on the homepage or clicking the copy button on the Wallet page (My Profile -> Manage Wallet-> Select a wallet account).

You can also get your QR code from Receive feature on the Homepage