I sent SOL to an exchange and it hasn't arrived yet

Centralized exchanges often can delay crediting your crypto to your account.

If you have checked the transaction on the explorer, such as explorer.solana.com, or solscan.io, and it shows up as received, and you have confirm with the address, then the next step is to wait.

This is how it often it works, as an example, with Coinbase.

1. You send 1 SOL from a Slope wallet to a Coinbase address. You have checked the address is correct before sending it, and it arrived at the receiver's address within seconds.

2. The exchange may create a different address for you each time you deposit. The coins are received, and their internal processes allocate the SOL to your account. This time can take seconds, hours, or days. If it takes longer than a few hours, you should contact their support.

3. If you check the explorer, you will often see the SOL or token has arrived, and then been sent to a different wallet. This is normal with some exchanges.

Info: there is no way to reverse a transaction, it is impossible, so ensure you only copy and paste, or use the QR reader, for the address. Also, check the first 4 characters, and last 4 characters, before sending any funds.